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I help people in Coimbatore with ‘pariharams’ for their ‘dosham’ for decades and I become one of the best astrologers in Coimbatore. I provide astro-counseling service over phone, email, and chat and helped thousands of people to solve their problems and lead a peaceful life.

The life can be problematic but there are solutions for that. You need the guidance of a talented astrologer to figure out the reasons for your problems and solutions to solve them. Any problems can be solved with the help of astrology. It can be used to figure out the reasons for issues in our life and remedies to solve the problems.

I practice astrology for more than 20 years and helped thousands of people to solve their issues. The remedies I advise to my clients are proven successful and helped them to get rid of the issues in their life. Along with that, I also provide several astrology services in Coimbatore to help people live happily.

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Solve Your Health Issues

Particular positioning of celestial bodies may have an influence on your body. This may have both positive and negative impact on your body. Negative impacts would cause grave illness. The correct remedies for such diseases can only be figured out with the help of astrology.

It doesn’t matter if you have succeeded in your business or career if you don’t have a healthy life every fortune is meaningless. Therefore, the most important thing when it comes to astrology is your health.

Knowing the diseases that may happen to you due to the movements of planets is also important. This would help you to be prepared and do the ‘pariharams’ to evade the possible dangers. The only way to predict what may happen to you is the reading of your horoscope. You would need an expert astrologer to read your horoscope and predict your future accurately.

Horoscope Matching for Marriage

It is important to calculate the ‘gunas’ by evaluating the horoscopes of would-be husband and wife in order to find out if they can lead a normal life. I evaluate horoscopes of both parties and calculate the matching score. There are horoscopes that won’t go together well. Wrong relationships may lead to issues in the married life and sometimes to the death of either one. Therefore, it is important to calculate the matching score of bride and groom before they getting married.


Astrology-based prediction helps us to foresee our probable future. Knowing this would help us to avoid pitfalls. Predictions are made after close evaluation of the horoscopes and celestial movements. With the accurate reading of these two, future can be predicted precisely. Astrology can also be used to find out the remedies to change the destiny to an extent. I provide prediction service and figure out the dangers for people and find ‘pariharams’ to evade the danger or reduce its impact.

Solve Your Problems in Career

Everyone faces problems in their career at least one time in their life. It can be poor performance due to unknown reason, issues with the management or colleagues or un-satisfaction in the job they do. Some people find it difficult to get recognition even after the hard work they do. Whatever it may be, astrology can solve all your problems related to your career. Doing certain karmas as remedies will change your life for the better and you will get all the good things you deserve.

Succeed in Your Business

You might be doing everything right but nothing comes right. It happens sometimes and you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Everything is not in your control. You don’t have complete control over what you do and what happens to you. Everything is determined your horoscope and the positioning of different planets. You may have ‘doshas’ which grabs you down. Fortunately, you can override the misfortunes by performing ‘pariharams.’ I can find out the best ‘pariharams’ for your ‘doshas’ and help you succeed in your business. I will help you to fulfill your dreams


I have regular clients who seek my guidance regarding the important decisions in their life. My clients include professionals, entrepreneurs, executive, celebrities, and politicians and laymen. I consult my clients over all forms of media including telephone, Whatsapp, email, and SMS. My guidance rooted in the noble astrology helps my clients to lead a trouble-less life.Reading their horoscope and considering the movement of planets, I give the best advice for them. Sometimes, what they really wanted to do may not be the right thing they should do. Then I help them with different choices for them.

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