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You may have been experiencing a mental trauma due to various issues that you couldn’t solve despite your constant efforts. We find many people in Trichy complaining about the unending hazards in their life. You may have pertinent problems in your relationship, business or career. People in Trichy, fortunately, don’t have to waste their time and ruin their life blaming their fate. Astrologers in Trichy can solve these issues with practical remedies. The impact of planetary position in your life can only be solved with the help of astrology.

It might be the unfavorable positioning of different planets in space that causes the troubles in your life. Since we can’t govern the movement of the planets, we don’t have much control over it. However, it doesn’t have to be like that always. Fate can be changed by performing correct remedial measures.

You need a talented and expert astrologist can to figure out the actual remedies after evaluating the horoscope and various other astrological elements.

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Find the Perfect Life Partner

A perfect life partner completes your life. The best way to determine whether two prospective couples are a perfect match is conducting an astrological test called ‘kundali matching’. We can match the horoscopes of two people and figure out the matching score.

The stellar compatibility between two horoscopes gives a matching score on a scale from 0 to 36. A matching score of below are generally considered bad matching and it is better to avoid a marriage between them. A score of 18 and above are considered good and marriage is fine.

Apart from ‘kundali matching’, there are also other levels of astrological tests to figure out the matching. It is recommended to not make the final decision after the ‘kundali matching’. Most of the people today stop after checking the ‘kundali matching’ but that is not enough. Using only one method, we can’t make the most accurate predictions. Therefore, we need to conduct more detailed analysis to make sure whether the couples are perfect for each other.

Astrology can’t be blamed when a marriage end up a failure even the couples had a good score in ‘kundali matching’. There might be issues in other areas which are beyond the scope of ‘kundali matching’. We have to conduct detailed analysis to find out the most accurate matching score. I always recommend my clients to not stop after the initial ‘kundali matching’ and to conduct a further detailed analysis.

Get Remedies to Solve Your Issues

Astrology can give you permanent solutions to the disturbing issues. After close evaluation of the horoscope and The best part is that you don’t need to have a ‘janam kundali’ chart to evaluate you. All you need to provide is the exact details of your birth like the place, time, year, month and date. Skilled astrologers can make your chart immediately and evaluate it against the current positioning of the planets. There are remedies for any sorts of issues. I guidance people to solve their problems in their business, career, education and married life etc. with the power of astrology in Trichy

Read Through the Time

Although we have the freedom to do what we want, we are not completely free. The universe is programmed to work in certain ways. What would happen to us is already written and based on the movement of the planets, good and bad things happen to us. Since it is already written somewhere and it is controlled by the planetary movements, we can predict the future anyone by evaluating the positioning of the planetary system (horoscope) at the time of our birth and their movement.It requires lots of skills and practice to accurately predict future by reading the horoscope. You need to consult very good astrologers to find out what is waiting for you in the future.

Lucky Colors and Lucky Numbers

Have you recently had any luck and won something unexpectedly? We think this kind of unexpected luck in our life is random but actually, there is nothing random in this universe. You can see patterns everywhere. Sometimes, the patterns might be so comprehensive that you didn’t notice it. Whatever, there is a pattern in everything happening in this world.
There is a pattern in everything that happens to you and you can take it for your advantage. You can bring luck in your life continuously by using your lucky number.
Astrologists use many formulas to find out the lucky number of people. Your lucky number can be used to bring luck and success in your life. You can use your lucky number for every good thing in your life. You can choose your lucky number for your phone number, vehicle registration number, wedding date travel and any kind of good things.
You can also use your lucky number to figure out particular patterns and take advantage it. This would require high analytical skills. You can insert yourself into particular events by considering the pattern and your lucky number.

Similar to lucky number, your lucky color can also bring luck in your life. You might have noticed that wearing a dress in particular color brought unexpected luck in your life. Colors are very powerful and it can create a certain aura around you sometime. Your lucky color will help you will comfortable and energetic.
Each horoscope is ruled by particular planets and each planet has unique colors. This helps astrologists to easily figure out the lucky colors of anyone.
Astrologists use numbers and colors in remedies to solve problems in their life and bring prosperity to your life. They figure out your lucky color and number and then ask you to do certain things.
You need to approach a good astrologer to know your most accurate lucky number and color. Wrong colors and numbers don’t do any good for you. You need to consult with astrologists who are experts in numerology to ensure you get accurate information.
I provide astrological consulting in Trichy for many years and helped many people to find out their lucky numbers. The lucky numbers I prescribed for them brought fortune and happiness in their life.

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